Running the eNASCAR iRacing Coca-Cola Series in 2021

My journey in Sim Racing started when I was just eight years old, around the same time as my on-track experience.  We quickly realized the need for more seat time than the short racing season in the Northeast would allow.

My Dad encouraged me to try iRacing.  I was immediately hooked on Sim Racing. This decision had a huge impact on my development as a racer. 

At first, I mainly raced online during the off season and minimally during my on-track season. I soon discovered NASCAR had a professional Sim racing league.   I learned about the process to qualify and how to improve my performance on the eTracks.

In order to advance to the highest series, drivers must finish Top 20 in the Road to Pro Series, and then finish Top 20 again in the Pro Series.

In late 2019, I connected with Nexxus eSports and would eventually compete on their team in the 2020 Road to Pro Series.  The result was a 6th place finish for me in total season points. 

It was time to prepare for the Pro series.  It was a short six race season to get used to setting up the car and relearning the Xfinity style car. We overcame difficulties early on and managed to advance two of our Nexxus eSports drivers (myself and Ryan Doucette) into the eNASCAR IRacing Coca-Cola Series for the 2021 season.

Bring on 2021!