My Story

When I started racing at eight years old, I thought winning trophies was the most important goal of racing.  I was dreaming of hardware!  But as the season progressed, I thought less about awards.  I realized making racing friends and working with my Dad to make the kart perform better were really the most valuable to me.  As it turns out, I did win the most races in my class that season.  The officials informed us that, due to one of the rules, I would not receive the fancy championship jacket.  They feared I would be very disappointed.  But my mindset had changed.  It really didn’t matter that I was the only driver at the banquet not getting a jacket.  Over the course of the season, I had learned that awards were not the most important goal.  Good Sportsmanship and hard work every week were more important than awards.   When the following season started, I was ready to achieve my second championship.  It was a more challenging division, for sure.  In fact, I did not win one race all season.  We tried harder and harder every week, but it just didn’t happen for our team.  When it came time for the series banquet, the officials told me that I would be awarded the championship jacket.  How could this be?  At the close of the season our team had the most points because we never missed a race.  This was a great lesson for me.  I learned that perseverance is the key to success.  

My educational path has also been a lesson in perseverance.  After struggling academically in elementary school, it was clear that what worked for most kids did not work for me.  We decided to try homeschooling.  It was much easier to stay focused and complete my required work.  Although this is a different path, I am able to achieve my educational goals.  Homeschooling also provides the flexibility for our team to travel.  An unexpected perk!!

My Story is one of perseverance.  Have your mind open and always be ready to work hard for your dreams.  Goals you set are goals you get!